Why should your hangers damage your clothes? The answer is, they shouldn’t

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We have launched JEFFIES to try something new…something we think makes all the sense in the world.

A home-ware company with a social mission at its core, JEFFIES’ goal is to reshape how consumers think about, and ultimately buy, hangers while addressing the potential of social business to positively impact the world through creating wealth and alleviating poverty.

The idea behind JEFFIES stemmed from our longstanding frustration with having to purchase one size (does not fit) all hangers for a range of clothing sizes and types. In a retail landscape increasingly defined by the ability to customize and personalize, JEFFIES gives you the choice to go beyond basic standard sizes and find a solution to fit, respect and preserve your clothes for generations to come.

JEFFIES hangers come in different shapes, suited for particular garments. With names like ‘The Dreamy Dress’ and ‘The Skinny’, JEFFIES makes it easy for everyone to find the right hanger for the right clothes. And each hanger type comes in sizes S, M and L - following the basic logic that our clothes do too!

At the same time, JEFFIES is not your average homeware company…our next post explains why.

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